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 Harbor Coalition Superstorm Sandy

Restoration Project Maps & Info

The NY-NJ Harbor Coalition played an active role through its national and regional members to help secure passage of the full, fair $60 billion in federal rebuilding and recovery funding. The Coalition is now working with its members, partners and fellow advocates to ensure that as federal officials allocate this funding they consider projects that provide environmental, public access, local jobs and other community benefits -- while also reducing flood risk along our urban coastline.

Specifically, the Coalition is advocating for 28 specific projects -- some at multiple sites -- that members believe are priority examples of the kind of work that deserves consideration for Sandy funding. The maps below (interactive and printable versions) highlight these projects and indicate their relation to the storm surge caused by Sandy when it hit our shores on Oct. 29, 2012.

 Additional information on Coalition's project requests, federal allocations to date, and other announcements related to the Sandy funding can be found through the documents directly below.

  • Regional Projects Fact Sheet -  overview of Coalition requests, including cost estimates
  • Project Tracker - June 2013 - project and funding progress report 
  • Obama Unveils $350 Million for Coastal Resiliency - June 25 press release
  • Harbor Coalition Celebrates Army Corps Investment - June 5 press release
  • Coalition Welcomes DOI Funding to Reopen... - May 7 press release
  • Interactive Superstorm Sandy Project Map

    Click on the link above to view an interactive GIS map of the  Coalition's priority project recommendations and their connection to existing wetlands and Superstorm Sandy storm surge.  Each colored dot represents a project (some are at multiple sites) and the dot's color correspond to the federal agency from which funding was requested for that project -- see key below. Hover your cursor over a colored dot to see the name of a project; to learn more about the project, click on the dot itself. 


    • Red dots = US Army Corps of Engineers requests
    • Orange dots = Department of Interior requests
    • Purple dots = Environmental Protection Agency requests
    • Yellow dots = Department of Housing and Urban Development requests
    • Light pink dots = US Army Corps of Engineers requests (Feasibility Study phase)
    • Teal green areas = wetlands
    • Aqua areas = FEMA Sandy final storm surge on land
    • Darker blue areas = FEMA Sandy final storm surge in water/wetlands

     For more information on these projects, click here.

    Printable Superstorm Sandy Project Maps

    Click the images below to view -- or print -- maps of the Harbor Coalition's restoration project recommendations and their connection to wetlands and Superstorm Sandy storm surge. For more information on these projects, click here.

    Views include: full region (all 28 projects); Staten Island; Brooklyn, Queens and Lower Manhattan; Newark, NJ; Middlesex County, NJ; Northern Manhattan and The Bronx; Jamaica Bay, NY.


    NY-NJ Harbor Region

    Staten IslandBrooklyn, Queens & Lower Manhattan Newark, NJ

    Northern Manhattan & The Bronx

    Middlesex County, NJJamaica Bay, NY