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Looking back, looking forward...

Happy New Year! As we enter 2014, it’s worth taking stock of our accomplishments at the NY-NJ Harbor Coalition over the past 12 months. Thanks to the growing strength of our 63- member Coalition -- a diverse group with national reach and deep grass roots locally -- we made real strides towards our shared goal for a post-Sandy harbor that has protected wild spaces, safe public access, vibrant waterfront communities and a sustainable and resilient urban shoreline.

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More Dollars for Harbor Restoration!

Members of the NY-NJ Harbor Coalition welcomed news of additional investment in our urban coastline -- including Gov. Cuomo's recent commitment of $50 million for a creek restoration in Jamaica Bay that can better protect Howard Beach, Queens, and $3.5 million for improvements to the ferry terminal in Staten Island. Both projects will provide environmental, economic and other community benefits -- as well as improving shoreline resiliency.

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Giving Thanks for Great Waters!

As we celebrate this most American holiday, the NY-NJ Harbor Coalition shares its appreciation for the good work done by our colleagues across the country to protect some of our nation’s most treasured resources – the rivers, estuaries and harbors that have always been essential to America’s health and success. From food to transportation to recreation, waterways are a key part of our nation’s history.

The Harbor Coalition is a proud member of the America’s Great Waters Coalition, the only national advocacy group focused on protecting and restoring these critical resources. We want to take this opportunity to wish our fellow water advocates everywhere a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Coalition Marks Superstorm Sandy Anniversary

A year after Superstorm Sandy crashed into our coastline, destroying infrastructure, livelihoods and whole communities, the New York–New Jersey harbor region is on its way to a more resilient shoreline that better meets the needs - and more adequately protects - vulnerable waterfront communities. The NY-NJ Harbor Coalition is proud to have played a role in restoring our waterfront, by helping to secure and identify tens of millions of dollars for specific resiliency projects, and in encouraging decision-makers to fully consider natural solutions, public access and environmental justice as we invest in a safer, more sustainable coastline.

But much more remains to be done to truly protect our diverse, densely populated and economically essential shoreline from flood and storm damage in the years to come. The Harbor Coalition is working with community groups, fellow advocates and government officials at all levels to ensure that wetlands, floodable parks, resilient greenways and similar features are included in restoration plans going forward.  In addition, the Coalition believes these plans must be implemented in a coordinated, comprehensive and transparent way, with public input and a focus on the most underserved and vulnerable coastal communities.  (click above to continue reading)

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More Funding for Coastal Resiliency, Jamaica Bay

Representatives of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Coalition welcomed the Department of Interior’s commitment of an additional $162 million to restore federal lands damaged by Superstorm Sandy and advance research and environmental restoration projects that will better protect vulnerable coastline, including the New York-New Jersey Harbor.  Coalition members were especially pleased to see the investment included $3.6 million for the Jamaica Bay Science and Resilience Center, an effort spearheaded by the City of New York, the Rockefeller Foundation and other stakeholders, including Harbor Coalition co-chair National Parks Conservation Association. (click above to read more) 

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